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It’s OK to not be OK. And it’s OK to ask for help.

When you’re struggling, admitting you need help—and knowing where to find it—can be overwhelming.

The stigmas, discrimination, and marginalization surrounding people in recovery keeps most hurting people suffering in silence until they come up against a life-altering point of crisis – job loss, family breakdown, even death.

That’s why the Sober Truth Project is committed to destigmatizing recovery in the church and beyond to protect the dignity, health, and lives of all people who struggle—not only with addiction, but mental health problems and suicidal thoughts as well.

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The Uncovery is a unifying journey that celebrates diversity
and combats stigmatization and discrimination
in the gentle way of Jesus.”

George Wood, The Uncovery

The Sober Truth Project partners with secular and sacred organizations alike to provide trauma-informed care, affordable and free resources and reliable support, sober-living communities, and a robust recovery community organization (RCO) network to help you move beyond mere sobriety to experience total life transformation.

Recovery is for everyone.

If you’re struggling with addiction, mental health, or thoughts of suicide, contact us today and we’ll help you find the support you need. No shaming, no blaming, just real, Christ-centered recovery.

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