STP Testimonies

Using the Sober Truth Project's methods for recovery, Timothy Initiative has a 90 percent success rate. Here are just a few of our stories.

Meet Jon.

Jon came to the Timothy Initiative six years ago. Before that, he was in a dark, lonely place.

"I had no friends. It was only quiet," Jon says. “And I only had evil intentions."
Not long before, Jon had been fired from a job because he broke into the business on Christmas Day and stole $500, which he spent on drugs. He was also squatting at his parents’ old house.
He then found himself a place to stay at the Salvation Army, but still had drugs in his system when they tested him.
“I was asked to leave after 2 days," he says.
Thankfully, he was still desperate to get sober, and that’s when a friend recommended T.I. 
"Most rehabs or sober living environments will say you have to leave after a slip up. But he community here (at T.I.) showed me what God's grace and mercy and love looks like." 
Jon had always been searching for something, but he never could figure out what it was.
"Drugs an alcohol filled the emptiness for a while but I was never satisfied. I was looking for identity, a feeling of belonging and acceptance. I was in need of love." 
And now Jon has even found romantic love. He was even the first member of T.I. to get married while participating in the program. And now he also has the support of his wife, Casey. 
"She's the best accountability partner I could ever have." 
Today, Jon is a proud husband, and he has good health and real friends who he calls “brothers.” He leads the T.I. Bible study every other week. He has a solid income, a driver’s license and a truck, and he’s started his own construction company.
And he also has nearly 5 YEARS of sobriety.
But most important of all, he has a relationship with Jesus and is surrounded by a community who has his best interest in mind. 
"It is God's intention for us to be in community," he says. "I have love in my life."

Meet Mike.


Mike Malpede is the Timothy Initiative's Director! He has served in this role since January 2019. Mike was promoted from within, and his journey with T.I. and the principles of the Sober Truth Project started 6 years ago.

Now Mike is reaching 6 years of sobriety in May 2021! 
Mike was born in Brooklyn to a big, loving Italian family. His father died at a young age and his mother wasn’t in the picture, so his grandparents raised him. His family moved to Hernando County in 1990, and he soon started getting into trouble and didn’t finish high school.
His life was filled with darkness - homelessness, jumping from couch to couch, and committing whatever illegal act he needed to do to get high and make money.
"Every bridge I would come across I would burn, living minute to minute and picking drugs over everything, including family, friends, and my child," Mike says. "I was chasing something and I didn't even know what I was after."
Then in his late 20s he realized he was heading nowhere fast, which ultimately led him to the freedom he has found today.
What are the two greatest treasures he’s found in T.I. and STP? The love of Jesus and a close-knit community. 
"Once you allow Jesus to take over your life and you have value and peace in your life, you start living more than you would comprehend when you were completely broken," he says. "I can't stress this enough, you need to surround yourself with people that show you the heart of Jesus, share similar brokenness, hold you accountable, and you are able to walk alongside each other."

Mike’s cup continues to run over, as he reconnected with his daughter and now has a grandson he adores. And he is thrilled to marry a wonderful woman at the end of January! 
"My life today has been filled with one miracle after the next, from gaining my daughter back, to having my family back, and most of all having a purpose and value, not just to me but to others."