Unconventional Faith

One of our top life principles is knowing who we are. What we believe about ourselves is what we become. It isn’t that we need an introduction to ourselves, but to be introduced to the one who created and knew us before the foundation of the world. Shame cannot have power over us once if we know our true identity.

At the heart of our message is that a person’s true Identity comes from the Father, and this is the only path to true freedom.

Christian groups too often share these messages with addicts:

"Change your behaviors before you can belong to what we do."
“We are not equipped to help you.”
“Have you tried this prayer?”

And the person struggling with suicidal thoughts hears these:
"That is a sin, you know?"
"It must be a demon. Have you been through deliverance?"

The way of Jesus should not make people feel like they have to hide their pain. The way of Jesus is not to be feared, and this sort of faith is not earned through personal behavior.

The message of Jesus is the message of acceptance, love, and unity, and it should be at the heart of all recovery. Our good friend Bill Vanderbush will soon be sharing powerful messages of our identity in Christ.

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Bill VanderbushGeorge Wood's good friend, Bill Vanderbush, will share important
insights and wisdom on topics of identity, freedom, and grace!